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Established in 2017, The Little Baker Store is a speciality store dealing exclusively in baking supplies, tools, ingredients and other bakeware products. Providing both wholesale and retail goods, the store is a one-stop shop for professional and aspiring bakers for easy access to baking tools and ingredients.






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Additional Services

We provide few additional services to our customers on a need-to basis.

Door-to-door Delivery

Through our delivery partners, we aim to provide door-to-door delivery for select purchases.

Product Demo

Watch out for our free product demos organized every 2-3 months. For more info click here

Edible Printing

Get images and custom designs printed on edible sheets! Contact us for more info.

Custom cake orders

Due to an increase in demand, we occasionally take customized cake orders.

Brands We Deal In

We aim to provide our customers with high-quality products for the safe production of outstandingly tasting pastry products.

…and many more

Meet the owners

Our speciality store for baking supplies presents handpicked products suited for your baking experience for any occasion you can imagine!

Benry & Anen

“where baking meets passion”

The married duo and co-owners of The Little Baker, Anen Imti and Benry Kikon runs a one of its kind store which deals exclusively with baking supplies, tools, ingredients and other bake ware products. Being the “first store in Nagaland that exclusively deals only with baking supplies and bake ware,” makes The Little Baker special and notable.

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Unique creations for unique occasions

Product Demo

The Little Baker Store, through its brand partners organises product demos every 2-3 months. These demos showcase various techniques and skills by professional pastry chefs from across India.

The demos are held at multiple locations over a period of 2-3 days. If you are a home-baker or an owner of a bakery and would like to have a product demo conducted at your premises, kindly contact us with your details.

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